We provide a tailored approach to our clients, developing transformational storytelling to effectively communicate brand narrative and drive revenue.


LLPR is an integrated creative communications firm specializing in public relations, strategic partnerships, and media planning. We tell compelling original stories to connect brands and audiences across a dynamic range of industries.

We manage and nurture reputations for passionate and ambitious growth companies.
LLPR specializes in enriching messaging, colorful storytelling…and often brand messaging that needs to be simply less complicated.

We believe in coverage and partnerships that make sense. These are alignments that create relevance within your company’s space.

We obsess about getting the message right, weaving rich, emotive campaigns that deliver on a business campaign to impact the bottom line.

Grow your audience. Increase revenue. Guarantee longevity.


We work with you to create an integrated media plan based on your goals. We start with an exploratory conversation to define your objectives, carry out a competitive brand analysis, establish clear and measurable goals, identify your target audience, and create a schedule. From there, we will execute on a tailored communications program that will attract, engage, and drive real results.

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.


We specialize in enriching messaging. Making your storytelling more colorful, inspiring, or simply less complicated.


We help you define your mission, vision and goals in an attractive and compelling way; and we do this with your competitors in mind too. Your messaging will be translated into press releases, mission statements, and words to best associate with your brand. You will see these words through external media coverage.

We know media.


We take your brand’s core messaging and turn it into compelling stories for the media to cover. The outcome can be a feature in a lifestyle magazine or a TV interview on the news. Media Relations is a learned art that requires diligence, creativity, and an understanding for how the press operates.


With over 15 years of media relations under our belts, we have an unparalleled rolodex of media contacts across various industries including the art world, fashion and luxury media, financial services, the culinary and hospitality sector, real estate, healthcare, and travel. Whether you want coverage in The New York Times or The Lackwanna Gazette, we’ve got you covered.

Double down on press coverage with your own content across mediums.


While coverage and endorsements from reputable press outlets earns you credibility, content marketing takes brand messaging and translates it into valuable pieces of content that can live on your own channels – websites, blogs, and third party pages. This is an invaluable, controllable piece of the puzzle. It will promote your product or service, attract customers, and drive leads directly to you.

Content marketing is the ultimate partner in crime to media coverage. We’ll handle it all.

We believe that less is more. And with that in mind, social media marketing is not for every company. That being said, it’s often the secret sauce to engaging new customers you wouldn’t otherwise draw. We’ll strategize your brand’s overall identity to determine the appropriate social channels by which to grow and engage an audience. Is the target a millennial market or does it have more of a B2B focus? These questions will help identify where and how to invest in social media to support an overall PR campaign.

From there, we can create social media brand guidelines and even create a content calendar for you. From there, it practically runs itself.

How do we get people talking about you? We allow them to engage and experience your product or services for themselves. Connect directly with consumers, grow your audience, and build brand loyalty.

Create relevance within your space.


We will align your brand with others and plug into pre-existing campaigns or create new ones for the purpose of brand association, elevation, and client acquisition. You will grow your audience, enhance your brand’s identity, and grow revenue.

Cue the eyeroll. Truth be told: there is exponential value to be had in exposing your brand to more eyeballs by aligning with relevant, carefully selected influencers. These partnerships give your brand a human voice and fosters authentic engagement that sends consumers flocking to you directly. In some cases, these alignments create brand elevation and context – especially for nascent, lesser known brands. We will work with you to assess your needs, whether it calls for celebrities, athletes, musicians, artists, or real-life niche tastemakers. We handle it all from start to finish.


We obsess about getting the message right, weaving rich, emotive campaigns that deliver on a business strategy to impact the bottom line.


Here, we serve up our thoughts and expert opinions on a diverse range of topics. We cover social media management, media planning, crisis communications, media relations, strategic partnerships, and more.

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